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Index of books and magazines

The library of the "Associació Catalana de Ceràmica" (ACdC) is available to all its members. Currently it consists of more than two thousand titles, including books and periodicals specialized in ceramics. Geographically, its scope is worldwide. The subject index is also of maximum amplitude: glazed and unglazed pottery, porcelain, applied ceramics as well as technical information.   

he library service is available in two ways: either by consultation at the locale of the association on any Tuesday (except the one on which the board meeting is held, that being usually the first of each month) from 19 to 21 hours, or the books can be taken out. The latter is possible for a period of 30 days, prior registration in the "Library Book". Some books, because of their rarity, value, or high demand for on-site consultation, cannot be taken home.

In the following list you can access the complete and up-to-date library index through any of these four different headings:  
  • Library Registration Number
  • Name of the Author
  • Title of the Book or Article
  • Geographic Area  
Under each reference you will find the following information: library registration number, title, author, publisher, place and year of publication, ISBN and its corresponding geographical area.
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